Individual Transition Plans



This section of the North Region SELPA website houses materials and resources to assist students through the recommended California transition state standards. The materials on this site are organized according to grade level with additional specialized materials for students with more significant needs.


Access age-appropriate assessments, materials to support students' preparation to achieve postsecondary goals, and parent/student resources through the links on the right side of this page.  The materials are summarized on the one-page "ITP Standards and Resources Grade Level Grid" (in the Teacher Resources link).  We hope you find the materials useful in your work to support students' transition to adult life!


You may use the following guide to complete the "activities to support transition" box on the Educational Setting IEP page:  "Following the scope and sequence of California state standards for transition, (insert student name herewill be engaged in age appropriate assessments and individualized activities related to (insert grade level focus here)."


    • 8th Grade:  self-awareness/self-advocacy
    • 9th gradeself-awareness/self-advocacy
    • 10th gradecareer awareness/self-advocacy
    • 11th gradecareer preparation/self-advocacy
    • 12th gradework experience/self-advocacy
    • Beyond 12thcommunity awareness/self-advocacy
    • Students with More Significant Needs
    • Teacher Resources