Additional Professional Development



Obtain approval from your special education administrator prior to registering for trainings.
Register according to steps specified by the sponsoring organization.

  • East County SELPA Virtual Book Club: Opportunity through the IEP Technical Support and Assistance. It is an opportunity to get your hands on an easy to digest book on student data called "The K-12 Educator's Data Guidebook." Choose a chapter of learning for a 2 week virtual book club with resources and support from the author, Ryan Estrellado. Please sign up by October 31, 2022. 

  • Professional Learning Webinar Series for Paraeducators: Building a Community of Support

    An effective inclusion program requires all staff to be highly trained in supporting students’ individualized needs. Paraeducators play a critical role in providing access to instruction and resulting post-secondary outcomes. This year-long series will focus on roles/responsibility, behavior support, and universal design for learning. This series will focus on paraeducators, teachers, and administrators.

    • Session #1: Roles and Responsibilities and Maximizing Paraeducator Support
    • Session #2: Leveraging Inclusive Practices: Accommodations and Modifications are the Foundation for Inclusion
    • Session #3: Paraeducate Self-Advocacy
    • Session #4: Behavior Supports
    • Session #5: Data Collection

    A padlet of recorded webinars and presentation materials from this series can be accessed at

  • SELPA System Improvement Leads

  • Marin County SELPA Autism Spectrum Disorder - CAPTAIN trainings and information

  • Placer County SELPA Open Access Project - Resources for Universal Design, Assistive Technology, and the AAC

  • San Mateo County SELPA Events Calendar and Trainings Check which sessions are open to staff outside of San Mateo County, obtain approval from your District's special education administrator.

  • South County SELPA San Diego Equity Disproportionality & Design - Presentations and activities, and call to action toolkit.

  • Imperial County SELPA Improving Outcomes for English Learners with Disabilities - Collection of training opportunities and recorded modules

  • Contra Costa County SELPA Trainings.  Some sessions are open to staff outside of Contra Costa SELPA.  Obtain approval from your District's special education administrator, register through the link above.

  • Supporting Inclusive Practices (SIP) - link to recorded modules in the resources area of the site

  • Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center (ECTA): Preschool During the Pandemic Series. This series shares nationwide experiences of practitioners and families, illustrating how the fields of early education and early childhood special education are successfully supporting preschoolers and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The following episodes are available:
      • Episode #1: Overview: Early Childhood Education in Extraordinary Times
      • Episode #2: Teaching Through the Screen, Not On It
      • Episode #3: Reflections on Inclusion in Remote Preschool
      • Episode #4: Equity and Family Support
      • Episode #5: Alia Goes Back to Preschool
      • Episode #6: Bringing a Virtual Classroom to Life
      • Episode #7: My Virtual Preschool Classroom
      • Episode #8: Noah and Pop-Pop Go to Preschool
      • Episode #9: Back to the Classroom: Balancing Social Development and Safety
      • Episode #10: Promoting Social Skills in a Virtual Classroom
      • Episode #11: Rising to the Occasion
      • Episode #12: Engaging Preschoolers with Green Screens

For access to this video series, visit the ECTA Preschool During the Pandemic web page at

  • Educator Workforce Investment Grant (EWIG): Special Education
    The CDE; the California Collaborative for Excellence in Education (CCEE); and the EWIG Special Education grantee, Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST), partnered to support California educators learn new techniques for addressing the unique challenges teachers and students face.These organizations created a Padlet of resources that include links to webinar series, recommendations on remote design, video assessments in the virtual class, lesson planning guides, and more.  The Padlet is available at  For more information on this resource, contact Sharyn Coyle, Director, California Coalition for Inclusive Literacy at [email protected].

  • Equity by Design Webinar Series (Part 1): A Conference in A Box Presented by Katie Novak and Mirko Chardin (Fall 2020)

The Equity by Design conference focuses on the following objectives:

    • Understand how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can help to dismantle inequitable systems and practices to provide all students with equal opportunities to learn at high levels.
    • Explore and express the connections between UDL and culturally sustaining pedagogies, trauma-informed practices, and anti-racist teaching practices.
    • Design more equitable, linguistically appropriate, and culturally responsive lessons that elevate and celebrate students in ways that are authentically relevant.

A padlet of recorded webinars and presentation materials from this series can be accessed at