North Region SELPA Governance


The North Region SELPA is a multi-district SELPA comprised of five Local Education Agencies (LEAs) joined together to provide for the coordinated delivery of programs and services to students with disabilities.  The service area of the North Region SELPA incudes the geographic boundaries of the Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emery, and Piedmont Unified School Districts. 


The governance and administrative structure of the North Region SELPA consists of the Administrative Unit, the SELPA Director, the LEA School Boards, the SELPA Policy Board, and the Community Advisory Committee


Local Plan

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 20 United States Code (20 USC) Section 1400 et seq. and related federal regulations, require a continuum of regional program options to meet students with disabilities needs for special education and related services.  The California Department of Education (CDE) established guidelines for the coordinated development and submission of Local Plan components that ensure this continuum of program options. SELPAs ensure access to special education and services for all students with disabilities residing within the geographic areas served by each Local Plan. Beginning July 1, 2020, all SELPAs are required to submit a Local Plan, using CDE templates.


2021-22 Local Plan

Section A Contacts and Certifications for Section B

Section B Governance and Administration

Section A Contracts and Certifications for Sections D and E

Section D Annual Budget Plan

Section D Attachments

Section E Annual Service Plan

Section E Attachments


Section C: Annual Assurances Support Plan will be required beginning July 1, 2023. Templates will be made available July 1, 2022


2020-21 Local Plan

Section A Contacts and Certifications

Section D Annual Budget Plan

Section E Annual Service Plan

Annual Budget & Service Plan Attachments 



The North Region SELPA governing body is the Policy Board, which derives its authority from and exists under the Local Plan.  The Superintendents from the five member school districts serve on the Policy Board. The Policy Board's responsibilities include: making special education policy decisions, establishing guidelines, and approving the SELPA budget, allocation, and distribution of special education funds to member school districts.  SELPA Special Education Policies


2021-22 SELPA Policy Board MEETING CALENDAR 10:00AM-12:00PM

PIEDMONT USD - DISTRICT OFFICE - 760 Magnolia Avenue, Piedmont CA 94611

October 20, 2021 Special Meeting

October 28, 2021

November 1, 2021 Special Meeting

January 20, 2022

March 24, 2022

May 26, 2022

June 16, 2022



October 20, 2021 Special Meeting Agenda

October 28, 2021 Meeting Agenda

November 1, 2021 Special Meeting Agenda



October 20, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes

October 28, 2021 Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes



October 26, 2017 Policy Board Agenda

January 18, 2018 Policy Board Agenda

April 25, 2018 Policy Board Agenda

June 21, 2018 Policy Board Agenda

October 25, 2018 Policy Board Agenda

January 24, 2019 Policy Board Agenda

Notice of Public Hearing March 2019

March 28, 2019 Policy Board Agenda

May 23, 2019 Policy Board Agenda

October 28, 2019 Policy Board Agenda

January 23, 2020 Policy Board Agenda

April 9, 2020 Policy Board Agenda

May 21, 2020 Policy Board Agenda

June 18, 2020  (CANCELLED)

June 24, 2021 Policy Board Agenda

March 25, 2021 Policy Board Agenda

January 21, 2021 Policy Board Agenda

October 29, 2020 Policy Board Agenda




Policy Board Notes 5-25-17

Policy Board Notes 6-13-17

Policy Board Notes 10-26-17

Policy Board Notes 1-18-18

Policy Board Notes 4-25-18

Policy Board Notes 6-21-18

Policy Board Notes 10-25-18

Policy Board Notes 1-24-19

Policy Board Notes 3-28-19

Policy Board Notes 5-23-19

Policy Board Notes 10-28-2019 

Policy Board Notes 1-23-2020

Policy Board Notes 4-9-2020

Policy Board Notes 5-21-20

Policy Board Notes 3/25/21

Policy Board Notes 1/21/21

Policy Board Notes 10-29-20