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North Region SELPA Community Advisory Committee What is the Community Advisory Committee for Special Education?
The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is to establish a local forum to activate parent and community involvement in the provision of special education within the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). The CAC advises the Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) on the development, review, and implementation of the Local Plan. The State Education Code mandates that each SELPA must have a CAC and that a majority of the CAC members be parents. 

Our Mission: 
- Enhance the education for all students with disabilities
- Increase understanding of Special Education issues.
- Build the advocacy skills of our family/caregiver-community through education and support.
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CAC Meetings:
Meeting Date Flyer/Agenda Minutes
August 8, 2022 Special Meeting 8-8-22 Meeting minutes
August 22, 2022 8-22-22 Meeting minutes 
September 26, 2022 9-26-22 Meeting minutes
October 10, 2022 Special Meeting 10-10-22 Meeting Minutes
October 27, 2022 10-27-22 Meeting Minutes
November 28, 2022 11-28-22 Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2022 Special Meeting 12-6-22 Meeting Minutes
January 23, 2023 1-23-23 Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2023 2-27-23 Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2023  
April 24, 2023 Meeting cancelled, agenda moved to May
May 22, 2023 3-27-23 Meeting Minutes
June 26, 2023
Meeting information from previous years can be found here.
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We need your voice
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Join our monthly meetings
Suggest topics for the agenda Join one of the CAC committees
Make your voice heard and help advise special education in your school district. Our monthly meetings always have time for public comment. 
Do you have a suggestion for the agenda at the CAC monthly business meeting? Please contribute ideas 2 weeks before the monthly meeting. Make a difference in our community! Committees are fun, help people feel connected to each other and to the mission of the CAC. No experience needed! 
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Learning Opportunities 
Note:  CAC webpage posts are compiled by CAC members and include resources/information that are not reviewed/vetted/endorsed by the North Region SELPA.

California Dyslexia Initiative (CDI)

Join the California Dyslexia Initiative (CDI) for a FREE expert webinar series. Learn more about why some students struggle to learn to read, how to recognize risk factors in your students, and how to support reading difficulties and dyslexia in the classroom. Register here:

Recordings and Slides from Past Webinars are available on this Padlet:


North Region SELPA Presents Family Resource Navigators Hablemos de Educacion Especial

New series to be scheduled soon.


Alternative Pathway to a High School Diploma

5-22-23 Presentation from Katy Babcock, North Region SELPA Director


Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF)

 Upcoming Events

 Special EDition Newsletters

How Do We Support Our Children Living and Learning with Dyslexia?
May 2023
Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): What are the symptoms? How does it impact us? What interventions exist?
November 2022
Recorded Panel Discussion: Post Secondary Transition
Post-secondary transition planning is critical to ensuring that your student is prepared to lead a productive and independent adult life. Post-secondary transition experts and transition services agency leaders discuss transition planning.
Recorded Panel Discussion: Underestimated and Misunderstood
A conversation about advocacy in education in partnership with non-speaking students and their families.  Resource Guide for Nonspeaking Students here.
Recorded Presentation: Middle and High School Transitions
Recorded Panel Discussion: "The Right to Read - The Greatest Civil Rights Issue of Our Time"
Watch a post-film screening discussion with film subject Kareem Weaver of FULCRUM, Dr. Kathy Futterman of Cal State East Bay, Maria Pirner of OUSD, and Tandra DeBose of Family Resource Navigators.
Right to Read (continued) District leaders share data and answer questions about how students are taught to read. You can access presentation decks from: The CAC; Albany; Berkeley; Piedmont; others to come.
Recorded Webinar: Top IEP Transition Tips for Parents and Caregivers
Recorded Webinar: You Don't Agree with the IEP, Now What?
North Region SELPA CAC Local Plan Orientation Learn about why local plans and SELPAS exist, their purpose, and more. Hosted by Cheryl Theis from DREDF on March 27, 2021. Viewing this orientation is required training for all CAC voting members.
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Special Education and Related Services
Special education and related services give your child a reasonable opportunity to achieve IEP goals. IEP teams decide on services based on assessed area(s) of need and related goals. Your child may also need accommodations or modifications in the way instruction is presented and/or in the way your child is asked to show what they know. See a list of the most common services here.
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Upcoming CAC Events
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Current membership and committees
We welcome families, educators, and community members of special education students in Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emery, and Piedmont Unified School Districts. Help us define our goals for the next year. Volunteer for sub-committees centering around education, advocacy, and more. Attend our monthly meetings.
To send a message to the CAC members or officers, email the current Chair Jill Hunter at [email protected] and Jill will get your message to the right person.
Officer positions
Jill Hunter 
First Vice Chair Caroline Brossard  
Second Vice Chair    
Monika Russi  
2022-23 Voting members
District Name
Caroline Brossard
Jill Hunter
Monika Russi
Dinesh Kumar
Kelley Callahan
Max Bruce
Alexis Gonzales
Bill Schwulst
Eliza Noh
Jed Bickman
Jateri Willis
Education Meeting Link
In 2022, we are focusing on building the strength of the CAC. We hope to build a quarterly education series focusing on supporting families. We are planning a number of events to build community, strengthen parent involvement in the IEP and 504 process, and grow cross-District connection.
Advocacy Meeting Link
Our Goal is to enhance the channels of communication between schools, parents, and related agencies. We also seek to encourage meaningful communication among school administrators, the Boards of Education, parents, and the communities.
Membership and Engagement
The Membership and Engagement Committee is focused on expanding membership, particularly in historically underserved communities, so that the voices of parents/caregivers across the SELPA can impact how special education is delivered in our Districts.
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North Region SELPA CAC By-Laws
Mission and Duties of the CAC
Understand the mission, duties and guidelines for the North Region Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) Community Advisory Committee (CAC). These By-Laws were revised March 2021 in order to be more inclusive and expand representation in our membership.  
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Stay in touch
Sign up for CAC news 
Anyone interested in the education of students with disabilities in Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville, and Piedmont School Districts should sign up to get news from the North Region SELPA Community Advisory Committee (CAC)! The group is made of parent volunteers tasked with advising the Local Plan area, educating parents, and advocating for our community.
The CAC will be using the list to share news about special education in our community, advocacy initiatives, upcoming events and meetings (including parent training) and stories spotlighting people who do great work in special education. You will also get reminders about meetings and when to submit agenda items. Your personal information will never be shared.
Past Newsletters
April 2021