The North Region Special Education Local Plan Area is a multi-district SELPA located in northern Alameda County which includes Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Emery and Piedmont Unified School Districts.  The SELPA is responsible for ensuring that every child residing within these five districts who is eligible for special education receives appropriate services.


The SELPA has a Local Plan, based on Federal and California law and regulations, which describes how special education services are provided in the SELPA.  A copy of North Region SELPA’s Local Plan is available for review at the SELPA office, and on this website by clicking the “Local Plan” button on the Home page.


Albany Unified School District is currently the Administrative Unit (the Responsible Local Agency) that receives and distributes funds and, in conjunction with the SELPA, is responsible for seeing that every eligible child receives appropriate services. The Superintendents from the five school districts serve on the SELPA policy-making board.  The SELPA Policy Board’s responsibilities include:  making policy decisions; establishing procedural guidelines; and approving the SELPA budget and allocation and distribution of funds.


It is the SELPA’s responsibility to assure program availability for all students with disabilities in the school-age population and to assure that special education services are provided to those students who need them in order to benefit from their education. This may include assistance with program development or with placement of special education students in programs in school districts within the SELPA or in programs in districts outside of the SELPA.  Additionally, the SELPA is obligated to provide technical assistance and administrative support for the many requirements of new laws and regulations.  A wide range of staff development and educational support is also provided.


The SELPA responsibility is met through a network of cooperative agreements among districts and agencies.  The SELPA office coordinates this network and provides a focal point for the student and/or family seeking information and services.  This function is one of the most complex, but truly beneficial, processes of the entire special education delivery system.

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